Turnitin Originality Checker, GradeMark and PeerMark

Have you heard about Turnitin but you’re not sure what it really does? Turnitin integrates within Blackboard Learn and contains three components:

  • OriginalityCheck
    Checks student submissions for originality against Turnitin.com’s database of billions of Internet pages and essays.
  • GradeMark
    Enables instructors to grade student papers online using standard or customized marks that appear directly on the student’s paper.
  • PeerMark
    Facilitates peer review so that students can evaluate each other’s work and learn from their classmates.

Take a few minutes and watch these brief introductory videos.

OriginalityCheck Demo (02:54)

GradeMark Demo (03:35)

PeerMark Demo (01:32)

Ready to give it a try? Call Marjorie Shepard at 898-3159 for a consultation.

You can also view the tutorial Adding a Turnitin Assignment to Bb Learn.



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