Faculty can add guests, make prep areas, apply course models, & more: Bb Learn Self-Service App is here!

A user savoring the delicious course she just created.Some of you may recall that you could add your own auditors, TA’s, and guest instructors for Vista – not to mention creating, erasing or deleting your prep areas. We appreciate your patience as the Distributed Learning Technologies team has redesigned all of that excellent functionality from the ground up for Bb Learn, with a new improved interface and even more capabilities.

The new Bb Learn Self-Service application has been released, and it allows faculty to do all of these things for themselves, without contacting TLP or a system admin:

  • Add auditors, graders, teaching assistants and guest instructors to your courses and prep areas
  • Create or delete prep areas
  • Apply “course models” to your courses – basically a template with ready-to-use tools and content areas to match your needs
  • Additionally, organization leaders can add and remove co-leaders and participants! 

Click here to try it now!

The link can always be found on the TLP Home page and in Bb Learn under the Faculty Support tab.


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