January intersession and Spring 2014 Bb Learn courses released to faculty

The course shells for all January intersession and Spring 2014 course shells have been created and should show up on the Bb Learn home page course list of faculty who are assigned to those sections.

Course codes

Courses that start with the code 141 are January courses. Courses that start with 142 are Spring courses.

Combining sections

Now is the time for faculty to request any course combinations or cross-lists through their department. It’s best to combine sections prior to building or copying content.

Copying from a previous section

You can follow this tutorial to copy content from a previous section to a new course. Keep in mind the default file copy option will not work for courses that make use of interlinked HTML files or Camtasia videos that playback in web pages. If you have questions, contact TLP before performing a course copy.

What if you can’t see a section?

If a section you expect to see does not appear on your course list, you may not be officially assigned to the section in PeopleSoft. Talk to your department to verify this before contacting TLP.

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