Update to Blackboard Collaborate

We’ve updated the integration between Blackboard Collaborate and Blackboard Learn.

Attending a Session

  • Both students and instructors now click the Launch Room button to join your session.
  • Mac 10.8.4 and later users can now download and install the Collaborate Launcher.
    • This is a one-time installation that comes with a safe version of Java.
    • This alleviates issues Mac users have had with Java updates in the past.

*** Important note***

Downloading and installing the Collaborate Launcher may take 10-15 minutes. Faculty and students should plan accordingly. Contact ITSS (530) 898-HELP if you have trouble with Collaborate Launcher.

launch room with highlights


View Session Attendance

Instructors now have the option to view attendance for their live sessions after the session has ended. To view session attendance, click the down arrow next to your session name and choose View Session Attendance.

Update for session attributes view session attendance

Creating a Session

Instructors will notice a few changes when creating a new Blackboard Collaborate Session.

1. Ability to set defaults for all future sessions within your course.

For example, you can specify that you want the maximum number of cameras to “6” for all future sessions.

Create session button

2. Streamlined options for session settings now appear vertically down the page.

Update for create session

3. Link the session to a course folder AFTER you create the session.

Click the down arrow next to an existing session and click Add Link.
Note: this does not apply if you use a single link to make all your Bb Collaborate sessions and recordings available to students.

Update for session attributes add link

If you have questions on any of these changes, please contact TLP at (530) 898-6167.





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