Consistent, easier grading in Blackboard Learn

New grading sidebar

Blackboard Learn has implemented a new grading sidebar across the discussion, blog, wiki and journal tools.  This change should improve, but not dramatically alter your normal grading workflow. 

new grading panel for discussions, blogs, wikis, journals

New grading sidebar for discussions, blogs, wikis and journals

Learn how to use the new sidebar:

Assignment grading goes full screen!

Look at all the space I have to grade assignments!

Blackboard Learn has also improved its inline assignment grading tool. Now, you have greater control over your grading workspace, enabling you to expand your commenting area.

Blackboard Learn - Whats new maximize

Inline assignment grading tool with new buttons for maximizing grading area.


5 thoughts on “Consistent, easier grading in Blackboard Learn

  1. I’m not sure why you would change the blog grading system during the semester. I assign 5 blogs for each student during the semester. The grade is cumulative (50 points total). Up until now, I have been able to simply access accumulated points and comments (on the blogs page) for the previous blogs. However, these have completely disappeared. There are no previous comments visible (at lest on my end), and the grade for each student (on the blogs page) has been reset to 0/50, instead of, for example the accumulated 40/50 points for the previous blog. So I had to go through the grade book and jot down the accumulated points for each student thus far. My explanation sounds very complicated, but the system was easy.


      • Thanks for your comment, Connor; I’m sorry for your frustration. There shouldn’t be anything that’s more difficult to do, as it was mostly a user interface change to streamline the grading. I’m looking into this now and will contact you to make sure we know how you’re using it and how to grade efficiently going forward.


  2. Something weird’s happening with my journals. It seems that if I read a student’s journal entry, but don’t grade it, the grade is recorded as a zero. This didn’t happen in the past. I’ve already gotten one mail from a student wanting to know why there was a zero recorded when she’d done the assignment! Very puzzling. Is there a way to avoid this? Is this a glitch in the system? I hope it’s avoidable, because I do frequently try to glance over journals (even if I don’t have time to grade them yet) so that I can reference the contents in class, if applicable. I’d hate to have a zero recorded every time I tried to do that.

    Like Connor, I do wish it were possible to avoid rolling out any changes in grading until after the semester. Maybe this was not supposed to affect anything else but there are some really confusing changes to how the journals are displayed.


    • I’m glad you brought this to our attention, Teresa. It is a bug! It’s unfortunate one because it can be alarming to students. After your comment we confirmed the bug, figured out who was affected and directly emailed you and the other instructors about it and the workaround. We hope to see it resolved by Spring. You can be confident that Blackboard got an earful from us about the quality of this release and they have made some major changes in how they will test and release upgrades in the future.


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