Bb Collaborate has been updated

The Blackboard Collaborate tool for synchronous video/audio/content sharing across the Internet has been updated by Blackboard. We have noticed that this means the first time you use it on a computer you will be asked to download and run the Launcher. This may take a minute or two, so be patient. We have a test site, you may try,

If you use Bb Collaborate at your office and also on a personal device or a home computer, for each computing device, you may be asked to do this step again. Once the device has the new launcher, however, it won’t need to be done again.

If you need any assistance, faculty may contact the Technology and Learning Program at x6167. Students may contact ITSS at 898-HELP.

7 thoughts on “Bb Collaborate has been updated

  1. When I go to my BBLearn homepage, I receive an “error getting notifications” message, which prevents me from moving forward until I click “OK.”

    If, when I click “Notifications” in one of my Fall 2014 classes, I get a red-bannered error screen: “Could not initialize class blackboard.plugin.beyond.bbAS.service.impl.MobileNotificationDistributorImpl.” (There is an Error ID of 2ee2fd7e-b014-4f77-b34c-24864756464d)

    I see that there was an 8/5 update that would require a download of “Launcher,” but that has never come up anywhere…

    Are these related? Is there was way to stop receiving these pop-up error messages?


    –Stephen Frey


  2. Does this mean students who watch at a lab will have to download the tool each time? WIll the computers in the labs even allow them to install this or is it already installed on all the computers on campus? Also, I do not have a Web site and it is not listed as required on your blog yet it will not let me submit without entering something.


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