PC Camtasia Users: Connect your videos to Blackboard’s Grade Center.

PC Camtasia Users!


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 Last updated August 2, 2016


Wish you could upload your Camtasia videos to Blackboard and automatically connect results to the Blackboard Grade Center!!!

Now, you can!


With a few clicks of the mouse, learn how to

  1. Add quizzes to your videos.
  2. Connect your videos to the Bb Learn Grade Center automatically to:
    • Score the quizzes. (You choose the acceptable, minimum score)
    • Score the duration students watch your video. (You determine how long students must watch the video to receive a passing score.)
    • Score both if you choose!

What you’ll need

Email Christine Sharrio if you’re interested in adding videos to your Blackboard Grade Center!  csharrio@csuchico.edu or cell phone: 530-826-6831


Additional Help

What does SCORM stand for?

SCORM stands for “Sharable Content Object Reference Model”.

In the simplest sense using Camtasia and Blackboard: , it allows you to create a video, upload it to Blackboard and connect grades to grade center using either mastery score or duration of video watched.

“Sharable Content Object” indicates that SCORM is all about creating units of online training material that can be shared across systems. SCORM defines how to create “sharable content objects” or “SCOs” that can be reused in different systems and contexts.

“Reference Model” reflects the fact that SCORM isn’t actually a standard. ADL didn’t write SCORM from the ground up. Instead, they noticed that the industry already had many standards that solved part of the problem. SCORM simply references these existing standards and tells developers how to properly use them together.


System outage on July 25 12:00am-10:00am

System outage on July 25 12:00am-10:00am (PST)

Dear summer teaching faculty

Please be advised that on July 25th ALL power and services for CSU, Chico will be brought down for maintenance.  This includes the Portal and Bb Learn.  Students (and instructors) will not be able to access any of your materials, instructions or interactive areas of your course in Blackboard Learn during this maintenance window.


Work is scheduled to install a new battery backup system in the campus data center.  To ensure safety for the electricians, the high voltage electrical panels in Butte Hall 4th floor will require a full shutdown during this maintenance window.  Some services such as Exchange email and telephone service will be available.  Power will not be interrupted in other buildings on campus.  On-campus workstation login and wired and wireless Internet access will function except for Butte Hall.  Restoration of all computing and network services is expected by 10am.

Upgrades to Bb Learn will be applied before the shut-down and will be available when the power returns.  Plan for Bb Learn to be unavailable for the first 10 hours of the 25th by not setting deadlines or due dates during this time.  Also, you may find it helpful to give students a message that all CSU, Chico services and access to Learn will be interrupted during this time.?

Bb Learn will be down Thurs., July 16, 2015 for upgrade to Kaltura

Bb Learn will be down on Thursday, July 16, 2015 – 5:00AM to 8:00AM.


Bb Learn and sharing video with Kaltura


The Kaltura Application Framework (KAF) is an extensible, feature rich, UI based configurable framework that streamlines the integration of Kaltura’s rich media capabilities into different publishing applications. The framework is constructed of modules that provide a packaged workflow and functionalities that can be easily embedded in another application as an iFrame, instead of integrating directly with the Kaltura APIs. The framework can decrease the integration time with your application dramatically and allow you to always get up to date new functionality by decoupling the added features from the integration itself. The embedded iFrames are all based on a responsive design to ensure that the integrated pages are displayed properly on any given area.

Benefits include

  • Staying current with the vendors development and release cycle
  • Small feature changes mitigating impacts to the functional use experience
  • Enhanced web-cam upload functionality
  • Improved interface with Blackboard Learn
  • Additional features and functionality include:
    • Video editing
    • Presentation integration
  • Precursor to additional feature sets delivered via new continuous development model


Window of downtime for this upgrade: Thursday, July 16, 2015, 5:00AM to 8:00AM.