Problem with Blackboard Learn YouTube Mashup and Video Everywhere

We continue to experience an issue in Blackboard Learn with the YouTube Mashup and Video Everywhere tools.


You get an error when you try to:

  • Record a video using Video Everywhere.
  • Add a YouTube video to Blackboard Learn using the YouTube Mashup.
  • Access YouTube videos after the course copy process.

Projected Date for Fix

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Temporary Workarounds

Copy and Paste a YouTube Embed Code into Bb Learn:

Copy and paste the embed code to your YouTube video within the Bb Learn Content Editor using the HTML view. This method plays the video within Bb Learn.

  1. From YouTube, access your video’s watch page.
  2. Click on Share just below the video.
  3. Click “Embed” to get the embed code..
  4. Copy the embed code.
  5. From Bb Learn content editor, select the HTML button and paste your embed code into the HTML view.
  6. Save.
    screenshot of blackboard learn content editor with arrow pointing to html button on the third row
Copy and Paste a YouTube Link into Blackboard Learn:

This method plays opens a new browser and plays the video on YouTube.

  • Copy and paste the link to your video as web link within your content folder by choosing Build Content and then selecting Web Link; or
  • Copy and paste the link to your video as web link directly within an item, discussion board post, etc., using the hyperlink button in the Content Editor.

screenshot of Blackboard Learn content editor with arrow pointing to hyperlink icon on second row


Temporary Workaround for Recording Webcam Video


To record a video directly on YouTube:

If you were trying to record a YouTube video using the Video Everywhere tool, you can  record your video directly on YouTube. Then use any of the methods above for copying and pasting the YouTube video link into Blackboard Learn.

Alternatively, you can use the Kaltura Media mashup and record your webcam that way.

Need Additional Help?

Please drop by or call the TLP lab  to have us walk you through these options if you need additional help.We are glad to assist. Our phone number is (530) 898-6167. We are open Monday-Friday 8:00-5:00.


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