Video just got a little easier with Kaltura

Be on the lookout for these Kaltura updates starting Saturday June 1st, 2019.

Easy Webcam Recording from Blackboard Learn

  • Works easily from any browser (no Adobe Flash required)
  • Easy adjustment of microphone and camera settings
  • Easy re-record option

webcam recording showing record again, download a copy and use this buttons

Streamlined Screen Capture with Kaltura Capture

  • Can record your screen, audio and camera
  • Record computer audio in addition to microphone (e.g. video clip)
  • Similar to Kaltura CaptureSpace but easier
  • Requires separate install

kaltura capture

Kaltura In-Video Quiz

  • You can embed quiz questions within Kaltura videos to help keep students engaged
  • Remove quiz attempt now available under Analytics; multiple attempts coming later this year
  • New Question Types:
    • Open Question
    • True/False
    • Rhetorical Questions
  • Can restrict students from fast forwarding to next quiz question
  • Can add links to questions using Ctrl-K or CMD-K
  •  Welcome to quiz screen now optional

Improved Captioning Service

Kaltura Reach is our automatic captioning service for all Kaltura videos.

  • Unified caption editor that is streamlined and can work with all media captions
  • Unified Transcript Widget with the default display mode-allows showing the transcript in the widget by default, or hiding it

Blackboard Learn Summer Update

Starting June 1, 2019, the following updates will be available in Blackboard Learn:

Download Instructor Comments on Graded Assignments

Instructors and students will appreciate that you can now download graded assignments in Blackboard Learn.  Comments are numbered and will appear at the end of the downloaded paper.

To download a marked up assignment:

  • Instructors can download their comments on student papers from the Assignment Details page where they entered the grade.
  • Students can download the instructor’s comments from My Grades, which also takes them to the Assignment Details page.

Assignment Details page with arrow pointing to Download Annotated PDF

As a reminder, this only applies to student submissions using MS Word or PDF. Students using Google Docs, can download as a Word or PDF before submitting to the assignment.

Attendance Tool

Blackboard Learn now has an Attendance tool. For each session, you mark students as present, late, absent or excused.  Check out this video demo to get a brief overview.

In our initial testing, the Technology & Learning Program found that this tool is best suited for smaller, in-person classes. Please contact us if you are interested in using it.