Video just got a little easier with Kaltura

Be on the lookout for these Kaltura updates starting Saturday June 1st, 2019.

Easy Webcam Recording from Blackboard Learn

  • Works easily from any browser (no Adobe Flash required)
  • Easy adjustment of microphone and camera settings
  • Easy re-record option

webcam recording showing record again, download a copy and use this buttons

Streamlined Screen Capture with Kaltura Capture

  • Can record your screen, audio and camera
  • Record computer audio in addition to microphone (e.g. video clip)
  • Similar to Kaltura CaptureSpace but easier
  • Requires separate install

kaltura capture

Kaltura In-Video Quiz

  • You can embed quiz questions within Kaltura videos to help keep students engaged
  • Remove quiz attempt now available under Analytics; multiple attempts coming later this year
  • New Question Types:
    • Open Question
    • True/False
    • Rhetorical Questions
  • Can restrict students from fast forwarding to next quiz question
  • Can add links to questions using Ctrl-K or CMD-K
  •  Welcome to quiz screen now optional

Improved Captioning Service

Kaltura Reach is our automatic captioning service for all Kaltura videos.

  • Unified caption editor that is streamlined and can work with all media captions
  • Unified Transcript Widget with the default display mode-allows showing the transcript in the widget by default, or hiding it

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