Proctored online exams in Blackboard through Proctorio

Proctoring for online exams has arrived at CSU, Chico but you need training before you can use it.  The online exam proctoring solution Proctorio has been selected as a campus supported opportunity to increase assurance around test security.  Training is required to have been completed before the tool will be allowed in your course.  This training will cover the essentials for a successful proctoring solution including: notifications, communications and sample language, student success materials and expectations, information and workflows for invoking the tool on our campus.

(90 mins, BYOD, Q&A and hands-on)

5/6/19 10:30am-12:00, SSC 410, or

5/9/19 2:00-3:30pm, SSC 410.

Additional 1-on-1 trainings can be scheduled during the spring and summer.

Sign up for either training through CSU Learn ( by searching for Proctorio in the Training Schedule.  For questions or to schedule a 1-on-1 please email or call Jim Aird (jaird(at), x-3209)

Exemplary Online Instruction recognition

Greetings Chico State Faculty!

The campus review process to recognize Exemplary Online (including hybrid and supplemental) Instruction (EOI) will begin soon.  To have your course formally reviewed and to receive valuable feedback on your course design:

  1. Print this document,
  2. Follow the instructions on the document to complete the Self-Evaluation, and;
  3. Submit your hardcopy to TLP by May 15th (EOI Evaluation, MLIB 457, Zip 026) or scan and send electronic copies to jaird(at)csuchicoedu.

If you have questions or would like help with the metric (QLT), please reach out to Jim Aird (jaird (at) or 898-3209).  We would love to have the opportunity to help fine tune your course before formal evaluation.

Courses will be reviewed by a panel of your peers (recognized faculty and Instructional Technology Consultants) and scored based on the CSU system-wide metric during the summer.  If possible, you will present your course and answer questions from the panel (June/July).  Courses that score above the minimum threshold on the rubric will be recognized and will receive a letter from the Provost which could be included in the dossier for RTP.

Thoughtful and conscientious organization of the learning materials has been shown to reduce student difficulties and improve their experience and perception of value leading to greater success.  Consider enhancing your course to more closely align with the research-based design criteria, the Quality Learning and Teaching (QLT), that promotes student success.

Faculty Development – Josh Trout

Technology and Learning Program – Laura Sederberg

EOI Consultant – James Aird


Announcing the 2013 Exemplary Online Instruction (EOI) and Quality Online Learning and Teaching (QOLT) Awards

Three faculty have been recognized for excellence in technology-enhanced teaching through two awards programs, the Chico-based Exemplary Online Instruction (EOI) and the CSU-wide Quality Online Learning and Teaching (QOLT).

2013 EOI Awards
Please congratulate the following faculty members for their Exemplary Online Instruction. They will be formally recognized at the Annual CELT Conference luncheon in October, and will present their courses during a Poster Session.

  • Ben Seipel, Ph.D.  from Education, EDTE 580
  • Thomas Parker, Ph.D. from Religious Studies, RELS 332
  • Sarah Anderson, Ph.D. from the Center for Bilingual/Multicultural Studies, FLNG 254
  • And, Honorable Mention to Julie Schneider, Ph.D. from Nutrition and Food Sciences, NFSC 340

2013 QOLT Award
And join me in a special congratulations to Ben Seipel for being recognized by the CSU for Quality Online Learning and Teaching (QOLT). He is the first to apply to this new program from CSU Chico, and in the first group being recognized from Cal State for universities using Blackboard Learn in their exemplary teaching of hybrid or online courses.

Learn more about QOLT.
Learn more about Chico’s Rubric for Online Instruction or the Exemplary Online Instruction program.
For more information, contact Laura Sederberg, campus coordinator for QOLT and EOI, Lsederberg at or 530-898-4326.

New Content Editor in Bb Learn replaces the old text editor

New Content Editor

Bb Learn has a new Content Editor! The new editor is sleek and clean, and can do a few things better than the other previous version, including editing your HTML files from Vista directly and pasting text from Word easily. Here are a few highlights:

Paste From Word directly: Missing from the new mashup submenu is the “Paste from Word” function. We are happy to announce that the functionality of pasting from Word has been integrated into the editor and does not require an additional step. Just copy from the Word .doc and insert your cursor where you want the text to be and paste (keyboard shortcut or from the Edit menu).

Tool visibility: Initially, many of the tool buttons are hidden in a collapsed toolbar. Click the “down arrow” on the far right of the tool bar to expand the tool set. Once expanded the system will remember your preference.

Mashup tool icon change: The mashup tool icon image has been changed from a grid-like image to a “plug.” Clicking on the plug opens the sub-menu allowing access to the Flickr, YouTube, SlideShare, and Wimba Voice Authoring.

Cut, Copy, Paste. In some browsers, neither the tool buttons nor a right click on the mouse will invoke these common editing functions. Use the keyboard shortcuts (control-C,V,P or command-C, V or P) or select from the browser’s Edit menu to Cut, Copy or Paste.

For more information on the new Content Editor see the Blackboard help page here.

CALS – Chico’s Affordable Learning Solutions

In case you missed the presentation on CALS, Chico’s Affordable Learning Solutions, the presentation has been archived on TLP’s YouTube channel. This presentation provides information on innovative ways to help save students money by utilizing open source materials in your courses. Watch any one of the segments below, or watch the full presentation,

Part One: Laura Sederberg of the Technology and Learning Program, gives general information about HEOA (Higher Education Opportunity Act).

Part Two: Linda Riggins of the AS Bookstore about ordering textbooks.

Part Three: James Tyler from Meriam Library about faculty resources.

Part Four: Marc Langston from Meriam Library about eBrary.

Part Five: James Tyler about open/free resources.

Engaging Learning in Virtual Environments

2012 Federal Virtual Worlds Challenge Announced – This year there are TWO grand prizes of $25,000! Check it out! Engaging Learning focus area is a call for demonstrations of learning activities in virtual environments

The Federal Virtual World Challenge is an open, global Challenge to the world for the best of the best implementations within virtual environments. The Challenge is an annual event led by the U.S. Army Research Laboratory – Simulation & Training Technology Center. The event is conducted to explore innovative and interactive solutions in virtual environments. The criteria are intentionally unbounded to encourage creative results.

The Engaging Learning focus area is a call for demonstrations of learning activities in virtual environments.  You’ve played learning games you had a hard time putting down or walking away from. Maybe you even played one that you can’t wait to play again.  While you play, you learn about important material or build skills.  The Army wants to learn more about what strategies best encourage learners to play with learning material.  Entries should be examples of any learning tasks accessible in a virtual environment.  They are very interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) learning tasks among others.

All submitted content remains the intellectual property of the creators.

-article by TLP Student Staff Jim Aird

Events in Second Life, August 2011

Topic: Second Life Community Convention 2011

Date and Place: August 12 – 14, 2011, Oakland, CA  Oakland Marriott City Center

Summary: The Second Life Community Convention is three days of exciting activities, events, musical performances, machinima screenings, panels, workshops, and much more that showcases the abundant creativity of Second Life Residents.  SLCC is organized BY Resident FOR Residents, and they invite you to join the  fun!
Convention tracks: Artistic & Creative Expression, Commerce & Marketing, Developers & Open Source, Public Sector & Education, and Social Experience & Communities


Topic: “ Can We Skip Lunch and Keep Writing?”  Meet the author, participate in the discussions.

Date and Time: August 22, 2011 at5 PM (meet the author), then August 25, 2011 at 6 PM, and continuing every Thursday until the book has been covered.

Contact: Austen Rae

Summary: The Virginia Society for Technology in Education (VSTE) Second Life Team is
proud to announce a book study about “Can We Skip Lunch and Keep Writing?”  They will meet at VSTE Island in Second Life for a kick-off meeting and will meet the author  in Second Life and discuss chapter one. Subsequent chapters will be discussed on the followingThursdays beginning
August 25, 2011 at 9 PM EDT (6 PM SLT), and continuing every Thursday until we finish the book.



Topic: Building your virtual community

Date and Time: August 13 (Building Community), 20 (Using Simple Tools), 27 (Building for Events) at 1:00pm (PST)

Summary: The AAUW Virtual Community Project will be held in August, offering three workshops on building a virtual world community.  If you have been thinking of  teaching in virtual worlds, these free workshops will be useful to you.  The workshops are at the beginner level.  You can attend an informal orientation session in the hour preceding the workshop to be tutored on avatar controls and tools.  During the workshops you will be given a set of free and customizable tools, will be shown how to use these tools (written instructions are also included in your teacher toolkit) and will have the time to practice.  For instructions on how to attend follow this link.


Topic: Second Life Community Convention 2011

Date and Time: Sundays at 5:00pm PST

Summary: The Second Life Left Unity Feminsts Discussion group meets every Sunday at 2 pm Pacific (5 pm Eastern) Time. This is an open discussion:  bring your own questions, topics, suggestions. They are an informal group, everyone is welcome.


For an extensive calendar of Second Life events for educators:

Want to get to the CSU, Chico Second Life campus?

Want to sign up for a Second Life account?

For questions about Second Life call or email the TLP
James Aird x6167 or
Ann Steckel x6780

Upcoming Events in Second Life

Date and Time: Tuesday, May 17 at 5:00pm Pacific Time

Topic:   SIGVE Speaker Series: John “Pathfinder” Lester – ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education

Summary: Please join ISTE as they welcome an John “Pathfinder” Lester, an educator who has traveled far and wide through the virtual environment universe. This event will be simulcast through Second Life and Reaction Grid.
Avatar contact: Spiff Whitfield

Date and Time: Sunday, May 29 at 5:00pm Pacific Time

Topic: Maypole Medieval Market Festival – ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education)

Summary: Join ISTE for their Spring Market Festival on ISTE Island. Dress up in your favorite clothes from the Middle Ages, or pick up some freebie costumes in the Market Square. Lots of fun! Want to help decorate? Want to set up a market booth? Just want to come and have a great time! IM Maggie Larimore.

Date and Time: Every Thursday (May 5, 12, 19, 26) at 5:00pm Pacific Time

Topic: ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education Newcomer Social

Date and time: Every Thursday (May 5, 12, 19, 26) at 6:00pm Pacific Time

Topic: ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education Educator Social

For an extensive calendar of Second Life events for educators:

Click to go to the CSU Chico Second Life Campus

Click to get a Second Life Account 

For questions about Second Life contact
James Aird x6167 or
Ann Steckel x6780

Events in Second Life, June 2011

Topic: Second Life teaching and research
Date and time: 6-1-10 at 12:00pm
Summary:Purdue University Library in Second Life. HP Gunawan talks about the SL teaching and research that Purdue University Library has been involved in. The venue is Infolit iSchool.  A one hour session, presentation in voice, discussion in text chat.
Avatar contact: HP Gunawan
Organization:Purdue University Library, an Information Literacy research event.


Topic: New Media in Education Fiesta (NMiEF) 2011
Date and time:June 23, 2011 from 8am to 7pm
Register at:
Summary: This annual 4-day fiesta comprises of 2 parts (catering both to teachers and Secondary School students), namely the New Media in Education International Conference on Second Life for all teachers and the New Media Academy for Secondary School students.

NMiEF seeks to bring about greater vibrancy to the new media scene in the education context, firstly through fostering enhanced interactions among both local and international educators in a real-time virtual education conference on Second Life and secondly to equip Secondary School students with basic new media skills through the rare opportunity to appreciate and immerse in new media culture.


Organization: Virginia Society for Technology in Education (VSTE)


Date and Time: June 1st 2011, 12 noon

Topic: SL teaching and research at Purdue University Library


Summary: HP Gunawan will talk about the SL teaching and research that Purdue University Library has been involved in. The venue is Infolit iSchool  A one hour session, presentation in voice, discussion in text chat

Avatar contact: HP Gunawan

Organization: Centre for Information Literacy research


For an extensive calendar of Second Life events for educators:

Want to get to the CSU, Chico Second Life campus

Want to sign up for a Second Life account?

For questions about Second Life call or email the TLP
James Aird x6167 or
Ann Steckel x6780

Glad to be on board!

by Jim Aird, Student Assistant in the Technology Learning Program Lab

Globally, distance learning is on the rise.  Ohio, for example, has a state run selection of online educational options for K-12 and universities.  Ohio State educators are very convinced that distance education can narrow the gap and provide a better educational experience for more learners.  Florida Virtual School is an amazing model for what K-12 education could be like.  FVS arguably employs the most engaging content delivery methods ever seen.  Check out what is being developed by 360Ed.   MERLOT houses thousands of freely available, on line,  peer reviewed content objects to use.  The models are out there, the content is out there.  So, where is California?

The SF Examiner reports that California is falling behind. “Countries such as Indonesia, Mexico, Singapore, Turkey, India and China, along with the European Union, are taking full advantage of online education.”  With all the technology and resources at our disposal in California not only are we failing to lead the charge, but we are mired in 19th century approaches to education and tethered to change resistant lobbies.

At CSU, Chico in the basement of the Meriam Library, work and progress toward expanding opportunities for distance learning happen every day.  I am glad to be on board a ship that is heading out into the waters of the future, but who else is on this ship and who would rather see it return to harbor?