December Blackboard Workshop Offerings

The Technology & Learning Program had a new slate of workshops offered this last December to help you better maximize your use of Blackboard in your classroom.  These workshops were available in addition to our regular consulting options and could be signed up with their own form.

Our offerings included:

Adding Video Online to Enhance Student Engagement

When: Monday, Nov. 30th 2:30PM – 4:00PM
Friday, Dec. 8th 2:30PM – 4:00PM
Where: Tehema 131

Come learn how to better improve your student’s engagement with your course material through adding effective video assets from Kaltura and beyond.  Two different offerings are available this time around to better fit your schedules.

Blackboard Learn Grade Center

When: Friday, December 8th 10:00AM – 11:30AM
Where: Tehema 131

The Grade Center is the heart of your coursework and can present a number of challenges with all of the features provided.  At this workshop we help you peel back some of these mysteries and leverage more from your grades than before.

Introduction to Blackboard Learn

When: Friday, Dec. 15th 9:00AM – 10:30AM
Where: Tehema 131

Blackboard Learn is a daunting product to learn on your own.  This workshop is offered to help get you more comfortable and settled with Blackboard while introducing you to classroom-expanding tools already available to you.  Perfect for someone investigating using Blackboard for the first time, an expert looking for fresh tips, or anyone in between.

Blackboard Learn: Bring Questions, Get Answers

When: Thursday, Dec. 21st 9:00 AM- 10:30 AM
Where: Meriam Library 457

Bring any Blackboard question you have, we’ll provide the solution you need.  Held in our new walk-in lab we’ll be providing answers to all Blackboard problems brought in.

Individual Consultation

When: Your schedule
Where: Where ever you need

You could also use our sign-up form to request an individual question.  Perhaps you need something sooner or are needing an individualized redesign.  Easy, just use check that box in the form and we’ll get back to you to set something up!

There are lots of options here to help you out so go ahead and choose any and all that suit your needs.  If you have any questions go ahead and contact us at or 898-6167.

Create and Record Lectures with Camtasia and Snagit

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to record lectures or capture content from your screen? Camtasia and Snagit make it easy for anyone to create great videos without having to be a video pro.  Easily record your on-screen activity or web camera then customize, edit, and share your videos with viewers on nearly any device.

Click Here for instructions on how to download on your campus supported computer.



Camtasia allows you to record your screen and webcam separately, or at the same time, then edit it by adding additional images, video, music and text. It is easy to use whether you looking to create simple video lectures, or more advanced interactive videos with click-able links, tables of contents, search, and more. It allows you to edit out mistakes and create a video you can upload to Bb Learn, YouTube, or another website of your choice.

Click Here to view the Knowledge Base on Camtasia complete with tips, tricks, tutorials, and more.




If you are only looking to capture screen content, Snagit is a great easy-to-use tool.  You can capture anything you see on your screen and then save and share it with your viewers on any device. It allows for video or still image capture, and is very user friendly. Snagit comes stocked with customizable arrows, bubbles and notes to customize and mark up your screen captures.

Click Here for instructions on how to download to your campus supported computer.


Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 12.56.55 PM







Aug. 5, 2014 Blackboard Learn Update: Student Preview

What is changing?

This version replaces the old “Student View” with Blackboard’s new “Student Preview.”

Why the change?

The old Student View and its corresponding Demo User were developed by a 3rd party, and are no longer supported by Blackboard.

How will this impact me?

  • The interface to access student preview has changed slightly
  • Grade Center shows PreviewUser account instead of Demo User account
  • When exiting Preview mode, you must choose to keep or delete your student preview data.
  • If you want the same functionality as the old Student View,  choose the option
    “Keep the Preview User and all Data.”

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact TLP at 530-898-6167.





Tues., Aug. 5, 2014 Blackboard Learn Update

On Tues., August 5, 2014 Blackboard Learn will be updated to the latest version of the software.


What are the updates?

Why is it happening on Tues., August 5th?

While there’s no perfect time for this upgrade, August 5th has been selected with the utmost priority given to minimizing service disruption for students and faculty.  As part of visible planning, the timing of the upgrade has been chosen to ensure there is sufficient time to upgrade and test the system prior to starting the fall term.  Although the upgrade will be implemented during the last summer school session the changes should not disrupt existing workflows.

What will I see after the upgrade?

The most notable change in this upgrade will be the “student preview” function. Learn more about the student preview change. If you have questions or concerns please use the comments below or contact TLP at 898-6167.



New TLP Equipment for Checkout by Faculty and Staff

We’ve got a few great new items available to faculty and staff to checkout for free to meet your instructional needs: cameras, tripods, audio equipment and more. Everything can be reserved by faculty and staff from our equipment checkout page (25 second loading time).

New Video Cameras

ge dvx cameraThe pocket-style Flip Cameras have been very popular. Unfortunately, the company was purchased, and then stopped making cameras – but other devices have stepped up to the plate and we’ve added two GE DVX pocket-style camcorders to the mix. Each of these has 16 GB of flash storage and they’re waterproof (to 15meters) so take ’em out in the field and check out what they can do. They create MP4 files you can easily drag/drop onto your computer to upload to YouTube or Kaltura.

New Tripods Great and Small

With our great high-definition flash and still cameras, we’re seeing new uses both in and out of the classroom.

magnus tripodGreat: To help you out with your pro-quality shoots, check out our new Large Tripod. It’s 42″ tall in the bag, but can extend out to a full 72″ in height and features a professional leveling bubble and smooth pan/tilt handle.

Small: A great complement to our Canon S100 still or pocket flash camcorders for your next field trip is our new Flexible Tabletop Tripod from Magnus. This thing looks like a robot octopus (with fewer arms) and comes with a carabiner to conveniently clip it to your backpack when you hit the back country.

Wireless Microphone kits for every occasion

We’ve got not one but two new wireless microphone kits to help you get great sound for your next instructional mics If you’re out shooting with one of our newer Sony CX380 camcorders, you’ll want to check out the new Bluetooth Wireless Mic for Camcorder which gives you a 50 foot range to record audio directly from a discreet lavalier microphone into the video camera via its audio-in jack. It even comes with two earbuds which gives you two-way communication to the ear of your shooting subject so you can feed them their lines.

For classroom lecture capture, a great new item is our RevoLabs XTAG-USB wireless microphone.revolabs mic This is another lavalier microphone, but this time the receiver connects directly to any Mac or PC camera through a USB cable. Once connected, this gives you the ability to have the wireless mic feed audio directly to Blackboard Collaborate, Skype, Camtasia or any computer application. We’ve used this microphone for years in our distance education rooms, and now we’ve got one you can use anywhere.

For these items and all the rest of our gear, make your own reservation from our self-service equipment checkout page!


QOLT Call for Participation closes on January 21st

The call for Participation in the Quality Online Learning and Teaching (QOLT) program closes on Jan 21st. The CFP can be found at

NOTE: Instructors are encouraged to have some of their students complete a QOLT student-rating of their course. However, this is not required in order for their course to be further considered in the QOLT recognition program.
For more information about applying for recognition through QOLT, please contact Laura Sederberg at (530) 898-4326.

January intersession and Spring 2014 Bb Learn courses released to faculty

The course shells for all January intersession and Spring 2014 course shells have been created and should show up on the Bb Learn home page course list of faculty who are assigned to those sections.

Course codes

Courses that start with the code 141 are January courses. Courses that start with 142 are Spring courses.

Combining sections

Now is the time for faculty to request any course combinations or cross-lists through their department. It’s best to combine sections prior to building or copying content.

Copying from a previous section

You can follow this tutorial to copy content from a previous section to a new course. Keep in mind the default file copy option will not work for courses that make use of interlinked HTML files or Camtasia videos that playback in web pages. If you have questions, contact TLP before performing a course copy.

What if you can’t see a section?

If a section you expect to see does not appear on your course list, you may not be officially assigned to the section in PeopleSoft. Talk to your department to verify this before contacting TLP.

CELT and TLP present “How to Inspire Wonder, Curiosity and Creativity Through Project-Based Learning”

Please join us in MLIB 226 on October 8 at 9:00am for this Sloan-C workshop delivered via webinar. RSVP to Laura Sederberg if you plan to attend.

Join Wiley Learning Institute, Sloan-C, and Michael Wesch for a 90-minute  workshop. Experience first-hand what faculty and department chairs experience in our interactive workshops, participate in an interactive Q&A session, and get a sneak peak at Wiley Learning Institute’s new online subscription!

New media and technology present us with an overwhelming bounty of tools for connection, creativity, collaboration, and knowledge creation – a true “Age of Whatever” where anything seems possible. But any enthusiasm about these remarkable possibilities is immediately tempered by that other “Age of Whatever” – an age in which people feel increasingly disconnected, disempowered, tuned out, and alienated. Such problems are especially prevalent in education, where the Internet (which must be the most remarkable creativity and collaboration machine in the history of the world) often enters our classrooms as a distraction device. It is not enough to merely deliver information in traditional fashion to make our students “knowledgeable.” Nor is it enough to give them the skills to learn, making them “knowledge-able.” Knowledge and skills are necessary, but not sufficient. What is needed more than ever is to inspire our students to wonder, to nurture their appetite for curiosity, exploration, and contemplation, to help them attain an insatiable appetite to ask and pursue big, authentic, and relevant questions, so that they can harness and leverage the bounty of possibility all around us and rediscover the “end” or purpose of wonder, and stave off the historical end of wonder.

At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Identify and create problems and projects that are engaging to students
  • Increase the sense of community and capacity for collaboration among students
  • Harness and leverage simple online tools to facilitate collaboration and project based learning experiences
  • Do all three of the above in an integrated way that creates an environment where curiosity, creativity, and wonder can thrive.

Sponsored by TLP and CELT

New to Chico State or using Blackboard Learn? Take our Intro workshop!

We invite all faculty including new hires to come to our Intro to Bb Learn workshop. In just an hour, you’ll learn how to navigate in Blackboard Learn, post files, create links to tools and explore the possibilities of using Bb Learn to support your teaching or even to teach fully online. Sign up directly on our Workshop Calendar or contact TLP to request a workshop if there isn’t one scheduled.