Bb Learn wins top award in corporate training

Blackboard Learn, which is one of the leading online teaching and learning management system [LMS] in the educational field, has recently been awarded top honors as a tool for corporate training as well.

“Now in its 26th year, the CODiE Awards continue to recognize those companies providing the best new technology products and services across a broad array of industries,” noted SIIA President Ken Wasch. “In addition, its winners are a prolific testament to the power of technology to deliver innovative solutions to businesses and consumers. SIIA warmly congratulates all of the winners and nominees of the CODiE Awards, whose innovation is essential for continuing America’s leadership in the global knowledge economy.”

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~ blog post by TLP student staff Carey Wilson

Podcasting with Blackboard Collaborate

Event Type: Webinar
When: Thursday, June 16, 2011, 9:00am-10:00am, US/Pacific
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Short Description:
Many students listen to podcasts, yet so few instructors make their content available in this widely popular format.
Detail Description:
Nearly every student listens to podcasts, yet so few instructors make their content available in this widely popular format. Learn how instructors can use Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing and voice authoring to EASILY create their own podcasts. Perfect for creating vocal overviews of practically any subject, podcasts increase the interaction and student engagement level of online classes by allowing students to hear in-depth explanations of detailed subjects by their instructors. In fact, now that the export features of Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing and voice authoring have become so much richer, audio (and even video) can be exported to iPods, iPhones, or other MP3 and MP4 players so students can listen to the their instructors when they’re on-the-go or exercising.

Creating Interactive eBooks for iBooks Webcast

Date & Time: June 22, 2011 from 10am to 12pm
Location: online
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Webcast ID: MacLearning
Passcode: 522191

Event Description:
The Open University has developed an eBook workflow that automates the production of media-rich, interactive eBooks optimised for iBooks. Gerald Schmidt, Project Manager, Content & Authoring, The Open University, will describe the open source tools that enable the conversion of the university’s OpenLearn open educational resources to eBooks on iTunes U. The Open University ( is the UK’s largest university with more than 250,000 students.

Audience members can participate by submitting their questions during the webcast.

May 2011 Bb Learn Transition Team Progress Report

Blackboard Learn logo

We’ve been busy! During the month of May the CSU Chico teams facilitating the campus move from Vista to Blackboard Learn have hit some major milestones in preparation for the software roll out that begins with 14 pilot faculty this August. Keep reading to find out how our teams are progressing.

Scott Kodai, Manager, Distributed Learning Technologies and Classroom Technology Services, reports that, “In May, the Distributed Learning Technologies team successfully created a command-line process to migrate a course from Vista to Learn. This is a key milestone in our ability to provide an automatic migration application for faculty to use to move their content to the new system. The hardware and databases for our production system have been provisioned, so we are on track for having our production system available for faculty to begin development by June 22nd.”

Kodai also says, “We’ve also been looking very closely at the available Building Blocks for Bb Learn. Building Blocks are ‘plug-ins’ for Bb Learn that allow for additional features and integrations. The challenge now is to identify the Building Blocks that enable key integrations and features that we need to have in place for the pilot this fall, as well as which Building Blocks to put on the roadmap for implementation in the future. Among the Building Blocks targeted for the pilot are: Wimba (which enables Wimba Classroom and Voice Tools), Turnitin (anti-plagiarism), and TurningPoint (for clickers). Other Building Blocks under consideration are: Bboogle (for Google Docs integration), McGraw-Hill (e-textbooks), Kaltura (video services), and Xerxes (for open educational resources).”

Claudine Franquet, who heads the Blackboard Learn Training Support and Documentation Committee, reports that dates have been selected for Chico State’s Blackboard Learn Pilot Faculty group’s first training workshops. The initial two workshops will first provide an overview of Bb Learn and followed by hands-on experience with structuring an efficient course menu and implementing the process of migrating class materials from Vista to Bb Learn. Training is scheduled for faculty in the Bb Learn pilot program on August 2 and 3 from 9-11:30 a.m. and 2-4:30 p.m.

At the TLP Empowerment Lab and Faculty Training Lab, supervisor Peter DiFalco says, “The TLP research team concluded its investigation into how different content types and options are interpreted by Bb Learn, and the two students leading the project, Chris Cole and Taylor O’Brien, have graduated from the University – we wish them well with their next endeavors! Their research is currently being matched up with support information, as well as helping the Chico team understand what new support materials they will need to start creating to help Chico faculty with this transition. Some foundation work has been done to begin creating the migration guide web application which will utilize all our research and materials to give faculty a complete picture of what they need to do, and how to do it, when migrating a course into Bb Learn.”

Ann Steckel’s Bb Learn Communication Team continues compiling and distributing information and working with staff and faculty to raise awareness of the ongoing transition from the Blackboard Vista learning management system (LMS) to the updated and improved Blackboard Learn LMS. The most exciting project this group is tackling is the web interface design color scheme and layout. Roberta Roebuck, ATEC Web Services designer, has been incorporating the new logo colors and working with the committee to get a professional and inviting look and feel to the interface.

This article compiled by TLP Student-Staff Carey Wilson.

Webinar: Free the Text! How Open Texts are Disrupting Publishing and Improving Outcomes

Thursday June 6 at 12noon (Pacific)
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Presenter: Eric Frank, President and Co-Founder, Flat World Knowledge, Inc.

As California institutions face the largest fiscal crisis of a generation, how can free and affordable texts be a part of the solution? Can new disruptive publishing models based on open textbooks increase faculty control and student success while also dramatically reducing costs? How can savvy faculty harness the power of open-licensed content to regain control and to innovate, whether they teach online, hybrid or face-to-face? Join Eric Frank, President and Founder of Flat World Knowledge, as he gives an industry insider’s look at changes in publishing and the impact on faculty, students, and education.

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