Clarification on Recent Changes to Bb Learn Roles & Process for Adding Users

In an effort to streamline and secure access to Blackboard Learn, there have been recent changes to the process for adding users to your course or organization.   

Who can add users in courses?

  • Only someone who has the role of Course Instructor can add other users.
  • The Course Instructor is the Instructor(s) of Record from PeopleSoft.

See Adding New Users to Your Course  for roles, permissions, and instructions.  

course roles

Who can add users in organizations?

  • Only Organization Leaders can add other users.
  • There can be multiple organization leaders per organization.

See Adding New Users to Your Course  for roles, permissions, and instructions.  

org roles

Why have certain roles such as guest instructor and co-leader been discontinued?

  • In courses, the role of Guest Instructor had the ability to add other users to the course, which is now restricted to the Course Instructor (Instructor of record) only.
  • In organizations, the role of co-leader had the ability to see the Grade Center. Although most organizations do not use the Grade Center, the decision was made to limit that view to Organization Leaders only.

Why do I see discontinued roles on my Bb Learn home page?

Discontinued roles will continue to display on your Blackboard Learn home page.

For example, if you were assigned as a Guest Instructor in another faculty member’s Prep Area, you will continue to see and have access to that prep area. However, you will no longer be able to add users to that prep area per the new security guidelines.

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