CELT and TLP present “How to Inspire Wonder, Curiosity and Creativity Through Project-Based Learning”

Please join us in MLIB 226 on October 8 at 9:00am for this Sloan-C workshop delivered via webinar. RSVP to Laura Sederberg if you plan to attend.

Join Wiley Learning Institute, Sloan-C, and Michael Wesch for a 90-minute  workshop. Experience first-hand what faculty and department chairs experience in our interactive workshops, participate in an interactive Q&A session, and get a sneak peak at Wiley Learning Institute’s new online subscription!

New media and technology present us with an overwhelming bounty of tools for connection, creativity, collaboration, and knowledge creation – a true “Age of Whatever” where anything seems possible. But any enthusiasm about these remarkable possibilities is immediately tempered by that other “Age of Whatever” – an age in which people feel increasingly disconnected, disempowered, tuned out, and alienated. Such problems are especially prevalent in education, where the Internet (which must be the most remarkable creativity and collaboration machine in the history of the world) often enters our classrooms as a distraction device. It is not enough to merely deliver information in traditional fashion to make our students “knowledgeable.” Nor is it enough to give them the skills to learn, making them “knowledge-able.” Knowledge and skills are necessary, but not sufficient. What is needed more than ever is to inspire our students to wonder, to nurture their appetite for curiosity, exploration, and contemplation, to help them attain an insatiable appetite to ask and pursue big, authentic, and relevant questions, so that they can harness and leverage the bounty of possibility all around us and rediscover the “end” or purpose of wonder, and stave off the historical end of wonder.

At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Identify and create problems and projects that are engaging to students
  • Increase the sense of community and capacity for collaboration among students
  • Harness and leverage simple online tools to facilitate collaboration and project based learning experiences
  • Do all three of the above in an integrated way that creates an environment where curiosity, creativity, and wonder can thrive.

Sponsored by TLP and CELT