Unbundling Faculty Roles in Online Distance Education Programs

Is distance learning more cost effective?  In May of 2010, the International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning, or IRRODL, published their findings from a study aimed at analyzing costs associated with the unbundling of teacher roles as well as other hidden costs. The article asserts that in a distance learning environment separating the roles of developing courses and delivering instruction “allows the faculty to focus on their areas of expertise.”  The costs associated with this unbundling have yet to reach “the college decision makers [who] need to consider the full range of cost implications associated with these online offerings.”

Want to read the full report, Unbundling Faculty Roles in Online Distance Education Programs? It can be found at The International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning http://www.irrodl.org/index.php/irrodl/article/view/798/1543.

Chico State’s TLP in “The Good & The Bad of Online Education”

Recently a local paper, The Chico News and Review, featured a story on the merits and pitfalls of online education. The article which quotes several CSU Chico employees, emphasizes the fact that although the current state of online education is not perfect, it is practical, cost effective, efficient, and a much needed option for those who cannot come to the Chico campus for classes.

If you’d like to read the entire story, please grab a copy here on campus or read the News & Review online.


YourVersion, an efficient new way to discover, stay up to date and share the latest news on a myriad of interests.

YourVersion is a real-time discovery engine that is attempting to revolutionize the way users search the web and manage their research. YourVersion provides users with innovative technology and tools required to discover the most relevant and recent news, blogs, Tweets, webpages, and videos — including results that don’t come up in a regular search engine. Unlike a traditional search engine, YourVersion provides the latest web additions for each specified user interest which updates and becomes accessible each time the user logs into YourVersion. YourVersion also allows users to sync their Twitter, Facebook, and email accounts allowing users to easily share their discoveries. Additionally, YourVersion provides the user with a centralized set of organized bookmarks that is accessible anywhere. YourVersion may one day replace the generic search engine.


San Jose State will discuss migrating to the Desire2Learn LMS

Ruth Huard, Associate Director of eCampus, and Jeff Gaines, Lecturer
in Management Information Systems, at San Jose State will discuss the
campus’s decision-making process and experience migrating to the
Desire2Learn LMS.

— What did they learn from faculty, staff, and students?
— How did they share the process — and the decision — with the campus?
— Where are they now?

Get the answers to these and other questions on August 19, 11:00 – 12:00.

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Solution-ize This: Wimba In & Out of the Classroom

On August 9th, 2010 at 11:00 am PDT Marianne Kline & Nick Dean of Marshall University will present on using Wimba in & out of the classroom.  With the CSU system facing budget cuts, using Wimba for purposes other than classroom lectures, can save time and money.  The event on August 9th will cover topics including using Wimba for multi-campus meetings to cut down on travel for departments, trainings, users’ group meetings and administrative meetings.  To attend this event register for an account on the Wimba webpage and log in to sign up for the event here.