Exemplary Online Instruction recognition

Greetings Chico State Faculty!

The campus review process to recognize Exemplary Online (including hybrid and supplemental) Instruction (EOI) will begin soon.  To have your course formally reviewed and to receive valuable feedback on your course design:

  1. Print this document,
  2. Follow the instructions on the document to complete the Self-Evaluation, and;
  3. Submit your hardcopy to TLP by May 15th (EOI Evaluation, MLIB 457, Zip 026) or scan and send electronic copies to jaird(at)csuchicoedu.

If you have questions or would like help with the metric (QLT), please reach out to Jim Aird (jaird (at) csuchico.edu or 898-3209).  We would love to have the opportunity to help fine tune your course before formal evaluation.

Courses will be reviewed by a panel of your peers (recognized faculty and Instructional Technology Consultants) and scored based on the CSU system-wide metric during the summer.  If possible, you will present your course and answer questions from the panel (June/July).  Courses that score above the minimum threshold on the rubric will be recognized and will receive a letter from the Provost which could be included in the dossier for RTP.

Thoughtful and conscientious organization of the learning materials has been shown to reduce student difficulties and improve their experience and perception of value leading to greater success.  Consider enhancing your course to more closely align with the research-based design criteria, the Quality Learning and Teaching (QLT), that promotes student success.

Faculty Development – Josh Trout

Technology and Learning Program – Laura Sederberg

EOI Consultant – James Aird